Wednesday, April 14, 2010

14/4/2010 Post Your Napha Scores And Targets.


  1. 6 marks, standing broad jump fail:(

    I wish I can improve on my shuttle run and standing broad jump.

  2. I am 13 years old so I am following the 13 year old standard.

    Sit up 37, C, 3 points
    Standing broad jump 170, E, 1 points
    Sit and reach 33, D, 2 points
    Pull up 22,B,4 points
    Shuttle run 11.3s,D, 2 points.

    My total points is 12. I aim to get a sliver by improving my standing broad jump. I will improve my sit and reach and standing broad jump as well.

    Thank You.

    Brendon Goh

  3. I got 23 points so far. I could have gotten 25 because of the shuttle run. I did too many sit-ups and therefore could not run that fast. I want to get Gold for NAPFA with 30 points so I must not over do any of the stations.

  4. I got a total of 13 points/marks. For the sit-ups, I did 34 times, and that earned me 3 marks. For the standing board jump, I jump a total of 166cm and that only earned me one point. For the sit and reach(39cm), I earned 4 marks from it. For the inclined pull-ups, I did 24 times and earned a total of 4 marks. Finally, I only earned one point in shuttle run(11.8s), which I think I need to improve on to score well in NAPFA. I think that I should also improve on my standing board jump. I am aiming for a least a silver for my NAPFA.

  5. TSW said...

    Sit ups-44,a,5 points
    SBJ-171,D,2 P
    Sit&reach-37,B,4 P
    Pull ups-9,E,1 P
    Shuttle Run-11.3,C,3 P

    So far, I got 15 points.

    I wish to at least get a silver and at best gold.
    I need to improve on my pull ups to at least 11-20
    I will WIN!

  6. I got 7 points so far.I know i suck but yeah.I got 26 for sit-ups but just got a passing grade.However,I was sabotaged by a certain somebody during the last 20sec+ before I could finish.I believe that I can get at a C or B at least if I had the whole 1minute.I got 165cm for SBJ and got a D.I seriously dont plan on jumping >176cm as I think it would be literally impossible for me as I even improved a lot already from last year.I then got 32 for sit and reach which barely got me a C.I think if I try,I could get a B or something.I got 10 for pull ups and I think if I perserved a little longer I could have gotten a D.Lastly,I failed shuttle run.I could not run fast enough as I have already been tired out by the other trials.That is why I am worried about my stamina for the 2.4km.Nevertheless,I would be contened if I had gotten a D.But if everything goes alright,I should be able to get a C or B for my 2.4km and I would easily ace a silver.Thats why I will have to firm my stamina.

  7. I am 12 years old so the following will follow the 12-year standard.

    Sit Ups-43 (A)
    Standing Broad Jump-187cm (C)
    Sit & Reach-30cm (D)
    Pull Ups-30 (A)
    Shuttle Run-9.7s (A)

    =20 points

    So I got 20 points.
    I just need 1 more point which I can improve in the Standing Broad Jump as the rest I at least have a C and 20 points...i more point.

    I will do my best

    Ronak Mehta

  8. Sit-ups – 32 (C) 3 pts
    SBJ - 129cm (F) 0pts
    Sit & Reach - 33cm (C) 3pts
    Pull Ups - 1 (F) 0pts
    Shuttle Run - 13secs (B) 4pts

    Total - 10 pts

    Ways to improve would be not stopping in pull ups, quicker sit ups, longer sit n reach, run faster, jump further.

  9. failed- sit ups 36, sbj 167, s&r 35, pulls up 8(dammit i had to restart like 3 times) shuttle run 11 sec

    Total 13 points

    Damm this im gonna fail, i should probably start going to the gym