Tuesday, April 20, 2010

21/04/2010 Napfa Test 2.4KM

Pls post your timings and your target.


  1. 21:31 mins
    My first target: 25 mins
    Now's target: 17 mins

  2. I finished in 13 minutes and 42 seconds. My target is 10 minutes. Actually I could do a bit better as my shoe lace was untied and I had to tie it. To get 10 minutes, I just got to train by running the 2.4 until I reach my target before the NAPFA test.

  3. about 12.15 mins
    my target was a pass but now i know i can do better, i aim to get an "A". I can run more (eg. soccer or even running to school).

  4. 18,15 mins.
    first target: 17 min
    NEw target: 14.30 min

  5. My time for the 2.4km Napfa Test is 13 minutes and 24 seconds. I had set my own target, which is to beat 10 minutes because I want to get an A. To improve myself in running the 2.4km, I can train my fitness and stamina so that I would not feel so tired during the run.

  6. I am 13 years old so I am following the 13 year old standard.

    My 2.4 km run is about 15 minutes long. So, I got an E and 1 point. I will aim to get a C or D by improving my stamina. My strategy is to run for 6 lamp post and walk quickly for 4 lamp post for the 1st 1.2 km. Then for the next 1.2km, I will walk quickly for 5 lamp post and run for 4 lamp post. For the last 5 or 6 lamp post, I will sprint all the way to the finnish and give it my all and maybe scream as well.

    Brendon Goh.

  7. I got 16minutes(Exactly) which barely got me an E.I believe I could have done better as I was wearing badminton court shoes which would have cancelled out whatever momentum I would gain and it had not cushioned my heel enough when striking the floor and also potentially canceling out momentum that probably be gained if I was in my normal running shoes. With running shoes,I probably would have easier gotten a D or so.
    I plan to camp at the gym everyday I am released early and train my legs muscles and stamina.So far,my target is for a B or C

  8. I got about 12 minutes, which is a D as i am following the 13 years old boys standard. I aim to get at least a C (12:31-13:40). To beat my aim, I plan to improve my fitness and stamina by running more so i would be able to run a longer distance without stopping.

  9. about 12 mins...partly cos i was wearing my badminton shoes which requires extra effort to run... well at least i passed, i should be able to do better for my napha test as i would have the proper gear and preperations.

    Damm this, im gonna start visiting the gym

  10. I did not get the timing for the first trial but in the second trial I got 13 min and 31 seconds. The timing to get Gold is to get below 12.01 min.

    To improve my 2.4km walk/run I can jog more to build up my stamina as in this type of run, stamina is the most important thing to take note about. For running, I can run for about 10 lamp-posts if I have the stamina to and then walk for about 3-4 lamp-posts. I can continue this all the way but if I think I have enough energy, I can run as fast as I can (more than 3-4 lamp posts) and walk the same to regain some of my energy.

  11. My timing for the 2.4km run was 14.38 seconds

    my goal is to get an A for the event and i am gonna train well for the event.i believe that the timing I got was not my best as I was recovering from chickenpox and did not do any vigorous exercise for 2weeks